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12th December 2014 04:23 PM
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The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey 2012 10/10

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16th December 2014 09:28 PM
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Stumbled over some anime recently.

K-on! first season.


Its about four girls in high school who are in a band. But in reality all they do is drink tea and play around. It was funny at first but the characters eventually get too boring and predictable for my liking. There is almost no character development which gets pretty tame in such a character driven show, and the same jokes/gags are repeated way too much (mio being scared of everything and the female teacher sexually harresing the kids.)

Lucky Star

A bit slow at first but the show is really funny and easy to relate to. Pretty similar to k-on but actually fun. The lead characters are all hilarious in their own way and supplement each other very well. With the exception of Miyuki and Yutaka who are a bit boring and only there to be cute. Also the ending of each episode (lucky channel) is very uncoventional but hilarious as well.

Its very very rare that i you ever see a show with so many memorable characters.

Big Hero 6

Very cute and standard disney movie. Maybe a bit too safe. Feels like a "the incredibles lite" which is definately not a bad thing. The friends of the main character are a bit anonymous though and never really get explored fully.

Hunger games 3
Dull, repetitive and boring. Complete filler episode with almost no progression of the main story arc. Only reason its still good is because of Jennifer Lawrence always being entertaining to watch.
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19th December 2014 09:55 AM
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Anohana - The Flower that we saw that day

Very well written show about having a falling out with old friends and putting your life back on track. As well as dealing with the loss of your loved ones. Every character is actually not very like-able as persons, but very easy to relate to still which is somewhat odd for anime standards. Thus the characters come off very realistic which makes the sad parts hit closer to home.

A big minus for the show is the co-lead character "menma" which the story revolves around being much weaker than the rest of the cast, since her character has no progression whatsoever. But overall its a great show.

Haiyore nuarko san W 5/10
An ecchi lowecraft themed (slight harem) anime with action-adventure elements. The interactions between the two lead characters are great and both leads are good characters. I'ts a shame the rest of the cast comes off as so one dimensional as they do though. I feel like this would have been a much better show if they would have focused much more on the relationship between the two leads. So overall this comes off as a missed opportunity more than anything.
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